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  1. Name the files as directed in the the homework handout.
  2. Go to the working directory for the assignment, e.g. cd ~/public_html/assign1.
  3. To submit, type: rsubmit assign1 (using the appropriate assignment name in place of assign1). Note that the command used to be submit instead of rsubmit but was changed due to an operating system problem.
  4. Submit all files specified in the homework handout. Typically this will include all source (.java) files needed to compile your work, at minimum.
  5. Ensure that all file permissions are set properly, and .html files can be viewed in a web browser (if applicable).
  6. Homeworks are on the due date by midnight, sharp. (They are collected by an automated utility that will not accept any files after the deadline.)
  7. You must submit each file individually, one by one. Do not try to use a wildcard like rsubmit assign1 *.java because it won't work.

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