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Q. How should we address the instructor?
A. Many students go with "Professor Nick," which seems to strike a balance of sorts. Just plain "Nick" is ok too if it feels more comfortable to you. "Professor Howe" is also acceptable although he might think you are addressing his wife (a professor in the Engineering department). "O Glorious and Benevolent One" might be worth a try if you are trying to butter him up, but most likely goes just a bit too far.
Q. Aren't office hours just for the students who aren't any good?
A. Office hours are for everyone! And besides, there is no such thing as students who "aren't any good" -- you're all Smithies! Prof. Nick does his best to provide you with a boost no matter where you are on an assignment or how well you're doing in the course. The goal is that you'll always come out a little ahead of where you were when you went in. And who couldn't use a little something extra every now and then?
Q. I have other commitments during the scheduled office hours. Does that mean I can't go?
A. It means that Prof. Nick will find some other time just for you! Helping you learn the material is a priority. Send an email with a few times you are available, and we'll find a way to make it work.
Q. What if I need accommodation for a disability?
A. Many accommodations are built into the course structure, but if an alternative arrangement would serve you better, please don't hesitate to ask the instructor. Prof. Nick is committed to meeting everyone's needs. Certain types of accommodations (extra time on assignments/exams, etc.) will require formal documentation through Disability Services.
Q. What if I have to miss a class?
A. Illness and extenuating circumstances sometimes arise. Prof. Nick trusts you to make the best decision for yourself, keeping in mind the effect of your absence with respect to your classmates and the learning environment. Since every lecture contains important new material, you should always check the web site and consult with a classmate about material that you miss.
Q. Can I get an extension on an assignment?
A. Yes, if you follow the policy on extensions.