Reading List
Bellairs Research Institue, Barbados
January 24-31, 2003

A. Proteins
B. Applications
C. Rigidity Theory
C. Other

A. Proteins

A. Applications

  1. Protein Flexibility Predictions using Graph Theory . More from Leslie Kuhn.

A. Rigidity Theory

  1. W.Whiteley. Rigidity and Scene Analysis
    in J.E. Goodman and J. O'Rourke (eds.), Handbook of Discrete and Computational Geometry. Chapter 9. pp. 893-916

  2. J. Graver, B. Servatius and H. Servatius,
    Combinatorial Rigidity

  3. W.Whiteley. Some Matroids from Discrete Applied Geometry
    Contemporary Mathematics, Vol 197, 1996

C. Other