Ileana Streinu

How to FTP

I will add this to UNIX FAQ, since it might be of interest to everybody. 
It is my reply to a student question on how to ftp files from an account to another on Unix.
Do not use it to share solutions to homework, though ...  :-)

	How would we FTP the work that we do in my account to Amy's account?

Do this: 
	in your account on hermite, type:
	$ftp 112a-ax
		where x is Amy's account.
You will be asked for the password. 
Then you get the prompt:
	Here type:
	ftp>put filename 
		where filename is the name of the file you want to transfer. 

You have to make sure before starting ftp that you are in the directory containing 
the files you wanted to transfer.
When done with put-ing the files, type quit to exit ftp. 
You are now back into your own account.
One more detail: doing it this way, you sent the files from your directory on hermit 
to Amy's main directory, not into her public_html directory. 
So she will have to move them in public_html, change the permissions, recompile, etc.