I soldered some of the wires today. This page is my explaination of the steps that I took to get the job done.


You have to decide what you are going to do before you do it. Get all your parts together, and READ THE MANUEL. This will give you specific instructions on how to make each piece.

double check that you are connecting the wire to the right place. You might want to think of a color system. (For example, always use white wire for the grounded line, and black wire for the power supply. )

Strip your wire enough for a piece of the heat shrinking tubing to fit on. The tubing piece should be long enough to cover the entire exposed wire. Slide on the tubing BEFORE you solder. It should slide down far enough so that it will not get heated by the soldering iron.

Soldering and Un-Soldering



Without using soldering wire, touch the soldering iron to the spot that you want to un-solder. As you are doing this, pull the ribbon wire off whatever it was connected to. You must do this simultaniouly because as soon as you take the iron away, the solder will re-harden. The heat of the iron is melting the solder, and weakening the bond enough that you can pull the wire off.

Heat Shrinking Tube

This page was made by Shana Negin on October 14, 1999