Fall 1999
Ileana Streinu
Doreen Weinberger

Lab 6

A mini-project, from start to end

Based on your preliminary choice of a project (which could become your final project), I have designed individual mini-projects for each team.

You will work on this mini-project two labs in a row (and the week between :-)). By the end of this lab, you should have completed the mechanical design and should have started the programming part. By the end of next week's lab, your Lego robot should work: this means that most of the experimentation and testing would be done in the week between, and completed next Thursday.

Format of the lab

To turn in

To allow you more time for the actual mechanical design, I am not asking for a web page lab report this week: only at the end, next week. The short email report at the end of the lab is still required, however.

However, I recommend that you do take pictures when the mechanical design is ready, or at intermediate stages (if you want to document a particularly interesting feature that might not be clear when photographed in the context of the whole finished robot).
Last updated Oct 14, 1999.
Ileana Streinu