Computational Geometry studies algorithmic aspects of geometric problems. As a discipline, it lies at the intersection of Theoretical Computer Science with Mathematics (Discrete and Combinatorial Geometry). Its problems come from a wide range of applied fields, such as Computer Graphics, Robotics, Vision, Computational Biology, Statistics, CAD, GIS, Manufacturing, Sensor Networks, Mobile Computing or Computer Games, to name a few. Others relate directly to established mathematical disciplines, such as Convex Geometry, Topology, Algebraic Geometry, Rigidity Theory and Combinatorial Optimization.

This course is an introduction to Computational Geometry at the Graduate level. The emphasis is on fundamental concepts and algorithms for a selection of practical and theoretical geometric problems. Advanced mathematical background is NOT assumed.

Prerequisites: A course in Algorithms and Data Structures. Mathematical maturity.

Professor Ileana Streinu
Office: CSB 318
Office Hours: W 9:30-10:30. By appointment (email me ahead of time)
Email: streinu "at" umass "dot" edu, istreinu "at" smith "dot" edu