Spring 2015
Ileana Streinu
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334 Seminar in Computational Biology

Computational Biology is a rapidly emerging multidisciplinary field that uses techniques from computer science, applied mathematics and statistics to address problems inspired by biology. This seminar will expose the students to a variety of topics of current interest in molecular computing and bioinformatics. The focus of the Spring 2015 offering is the bio-geometry of biomolecules: proteins, dna, rna, virus assemblies, etc.

Proteins are the building blocks of life, as well as marvelous objects to study mathematically and computationally. Topics covered include modeling, visualization, structure determination, flexibility, motion, folding and evolution of proteins, using geometric, algorithmic and physical simulation methods. Background in molecular biology is not a prerequisite.

Prerequisites: for Computer Science majors: CSC 111, 112, Calculus or permission of the instructor. Biology, chemistry, bio-chemistry and physics majors are also encouraged to participate, pending instructor's permission.