CS 112
System FAQ's

  1. There is no email on hermite. All email communication will be done via the grendel 112a-xx class accounts.
  2. If when you telnet, the screen is scrambled or just looks funny, type "resize" in the UNIX shell.
  3. If you try to use emacs when you are on hermite and you get a message about xhost or display (this usually happens when you use a QVT terminal), type "emacs -nw filename." You will have to do this each time you want to use emacs unless you edit the .cshrc file. To do this type

    emacs -nw .cshrc

    to open with the editor the c-shell resource hidden file. Find the list of aliases, and type

    alias emacs 'emacs -nw'

  4. Get UNIX and DOS help.