Homework and Projects

General Homework Instructions

  1. You can work alone or with a partner on all assigned reading, library searches, software experiments and non-graded exercises. You can discuss preliminary ideas on problem sets with study partners, but the solution presented to the professor should be entirely yours. Programming assignments (if any) will be individual.
  2. Always ask questions when you do not understand, but only after you have first read and became familiar with the problem(s). Always come to office hours or email me if you need clarifications or further explanations. Do not postpone homework to the last minute.
  3. If you encounter serious difficulties during the first part of the semester and are unable to do your work in time, you should discuss the situation with me and decide whether it is appropriate to continue taking the class.
  4. Everyone is entitled to three free late days on homework, after which there will be a penalty on the grade.
  5. No late homework will be accepted after the solutions have been discussed in class or made public by other means.


  1. The final project will be handed in after the spring break.
  2. Partial steps towards helping you choose an appropriate project will be built in into reading assignments and some homeworks during the first part of the semester.
  3. The final project work is under the same provisions as the homeworks - you can discuss ideas with study partners, but should do all the work (programming, writing) without collaboration.
  4. A percentage of the final project grade comes from the quality of the written accompanying document (paper of web page) and that of the final oral presentation.

Last updated on January 25, 1998.