Spring 1998
Ileana Streinu

Reading 1

Monday, Jan. 26, 1998
Due: Monday, Feb. 2, 1998



Monday, Feb. 2, 1998.

To submit


First, create an HTML page named home.html in the public_html directory of your assigned 274b-xx class account. It should contain your name, links to relevant personal pages and email address(es) and back to the 274b class home page. From time to time I will ask you to write a short paper in HTML format, search for bibliographical references or do web searches on Computational Geometry topics. We might even do some Java applets. All this work should later appear linked from this page.

As a first assignment, to make sure everybody knows HTML and can write a simple HTML page, I will ask you to write a short "paper" (one page) summarizing the assigned reading, as well as web and bibliographical searches, as detailed below.

The book Computational Geometry: Algorithms and Applications by M. de Berg et al. is on reserve in the Bass Science Library. You can check it out for no more than two hours. You can copy the 1-2 pages relevant to your assignment, if you prefer so.

The book is organized as a sequence of chapters, each starting with the description of an application of a Computational Geometry problem, followed by the relevant theory and algorithms. Your task is to browse through the book, read the first paragraphs from a few chapters that seem to attract you the most (except chapters 1 and 3), then choose one problem (corresponding to one chapter) and read the introductory description. Your task is to understand what the problem is about - not the solution that is subsequently described in that chapter.

The summary that you have to produce for this assignment should consist of

As an example, if I were to do this for Chapter 3 (which, as you see, is the topic of my lectures for the first week of classes - at least!), some chosen keywords would be: art gallery, triangulation, partitioning, polygon. I would search the web and the geometry database on these keywords and paste into the HTML page some of these findings which I would find relevant.

Estimated Time (at most)

Total: 5 hours.
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