Video Review :)
Monday 2 February: Wednesday 4 February:
Two tapes:
  • 3D Visibility Made Visibly Simple ( again:)
    An introduction to the Visibility Skeleton, umbra, penumbra, graphs associated
    the visibility problem.
    The room model. Key-words: light source, visibility, umbra, penumbra.
  • Application of an Effective Geometric Clustering Method to Color Quantization Problem
    Key-words:Clustering problem, minimazing the cost, K-clustering.
    Aplication in photo-modifications, quality.
  • Animating the Offset Poligon.
    Distance function, robot localization, local offset objects.
    Key-words: Voronoy diagram, scaled polygons versus offset polygons ( they
    shrink till they become a point).
    Useful for finding the Voronoy diagram.
  • Triangulation-Based Object Reconstruction Methods.
    Approx 3 steps:

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