The topic of motion planning has been widely researched in the past 15 years. In researching the subject I made an interesting observation. Not only is motion planning used in various applications, ie robotics and artificial intelligence just to name a couple, but the research on motion planning algorithms is as varied as the applications it is used for. As a result, there is still no "set" motion planning algorithm for all motion planning problems. For instance, an algorithm used for a robot with 3 DOF (degrees of freedom - explained later) is not the same as one with 6 DOF. An algorithm used for a mobile robot may not be the same as an algorithm used for an articulated robot.

Having made this observation, it became extremely challenging to sort out the many different journal articles on motion planning which I acquired and choosing those which I felt would better represent the problem and its algorithmic solutions.

In the end, I based my decisions upon readability and content as opposed to technicalities.

  Computing a Collision-free Path
  Determining the Shortest Path

2 Motion Planning Algorithms (in some detail)
  An Effiecient Algorithm for Finding a Collision-Free Path
  The Spider Robot Problem

Several Motion Planning Algorithms (brief)
  Links and Projects