Summary of Video Topics from Class on Thursday, February 3, 2000 for CSC274b

Naomi Fox

  • Real-time rendering of Massive Modeling
    massive = 500 or more elements Solution - layering approximations into 7 different levels of detail, with the smallest being made up of only 500 triangles. As we move farther from the object, we need less detail, and therefore less triangles to render it. As we move closer, we need more detail so we see more triangles. This saves time in rendering the object at different distances from it.
  • Hierarchal Structures
  • Hierarchal Backface Cutting
  • Portals and Mirrors - As we move around a room, we close up the portals that are not within direct site so we do not have to waste triangles to render what lies behind them. When we move the portal back into direct site, it opens up.
  • Fast Display of Complex csg
  • Dynamic Texture-Based Simplification
  • Radiosity of textures - computes light on each polygon
  • OBB-Tree - A hierarchal structure
  • Interactive Boundary Computation of Boolean Combinations of Sculptures Solids - model visualization with ray traced images
  • Metmorphosis of the cube:
    Problem 1: Unfold a complex polyhedron into a polygon
    Problem 2: Fold a simply polygon into a complex polyhedron
  • Geodesics and waves - the shorest curve is also the straightest curve on a surface; light travels on geodesics
  • Correspondence between 3D Polyhedra for Metamorphosis
  • Correspondence Computation
  • Mesh Collapse Compression
  • Voronai-diagram
  • Uncluttered Force-directed Graph layouts
  • Kinetic Data Structures