Fall 2000
Ileana Streinu

Course Requirements


CS1, CS2, Discrete Math and Calculus.


The final exam will be during the exam period. The in-class midterm and the final are closed book and will test general understanding of concepts and algorithms taught in class. The take-home components are small problem sets similar to those assigned for homework throughout the semester, and are open book.


General Grading Guidelines

Homework has to be submitted in time. Written solutions to problems sets should be legible and neat, or will not receive the full grade. Assigned work for which a paper or web page is required should be submitted electronically by the deadline and (if applicable) the read permissions set on. No late homework is accepted, unless there are special circumstances.

I will occasionally recommend simple exercises for enhancing the understanding of the concepts done in class. Those will not be graded, but might be discussed during the problem sessions at the end of the lectures.
Last modified Sept. 6, 2000.