Fall 2000
Ileana Streinu

Lecture 17

LEDA presentations

You will present a small feature from the LEDA demos, in the order indicated below. Each presentation should last EXACTLY 5 minutes. You should come to class earlier and make sure you have access to all the files needed. The presentation should be "live demo", but if you prefer to prepare a Power Point presentation illustrating the feature, you can do so. But make sure the file is downloaded on the computer before the class starts.

The class will be video taped starting from 1pm sharp.

Number Time Name What to do
1. 1:00 Katey Cruz gw_basic_graph_algorithms: create nodes and edges. The Edit Menu. Help: Mouse
2. 1:05 Pallavi Moorthy gw_basic_graph_algorithms: Graph/Create menu
3. 1:10 Caroline Moore gw_basic_graph_algorithms: Graph/Delete Menu
4. 1:15 Susan Ott gw_basic_graph_algorithms: Graph/Make menu
5. 1:20 Haniya Aslam gw_basic_graph_algorithms: Graph/Test menu
6. 1:25 Emanuele Altieri gw_basic_graph_algorithms: Layout/Basic Tools menu
7. 1:30 Christine Kang gw_basic_graph_algorithms: Layout Menu, Simple and Spring layouts
8. 1:35 Melissa Patton gw_basic_graph_algorithms: Layout/Planar Layouts
9. 1:40 Joe Targowski gw_basic_graph_algorithms: Window menu
10. 1:45 Kelley Louie gw_basic_graph_algorithms: Options Menu, Window Setup
BREAK 1:50-1:55

11. 1:55 Heather Takeguchi gw_basic_graph_algorithms: connected components
12. 2:00 Amanuel Lemma gw_basic_graph_algorithms: biconnected components
13. 2:05 Veronica Morales gw_basic_graph_algorithms: File Menu/Export
14. 2:10 Mingda Zhao gw_basic_graph_algorithms: File menu/save and load options
15. 2:15 Samia Qader gw_dfs: create a graph with gw_basic_graph_algorithms, load it into gw_dfs (does it work?)
16. 2:20 Melalite Ayenew gw_basic_graph_algorithms: Options/Node Defaults
17. 2:25 Carmen Fredrichs gw_basic_graph_algorithms: Options/Edge Defaults
18. 2:30 Shana Negin gw_basic_graph_algorithms: Options/Zooming
19. 2:35 Victoria Manfredi Options/Animation: try on gw_basic_graph_algorithms and gw_dfs
20. 2:40 Elif Tosun gw_basic_graph_algorithms: File/Write Postscript/Print
21. 2:45 Hao Xi gw_scc: create a graph and demo the algorithm
22. 2:50 Geetika Tewari gw_dijkstra: enter a graph, demo the algorithm
23. 2:55 Katherine Gurziel graphwin folder: compare gw, graphwin and gw_action programs.