Spring 2002
Ileana Streinu


There is no specific required textbook for the class. Most of my lectures and labs will be self-contained and I will not require any specific readings from a textbook (but I will give you handouts, occasionally).
However, you will need a good C++ reference book to have with you and consult when working on your programming assignments.


I will NOT follow this book closely, but the classical topics in Data Structures that will be covered in this class are well presented here.
Both books can be purchased from amazon.com, and a copy will be in the library on reserve.
In the Science Library

The Science Library has many books on C++ available for consultation, including some that are available on the INTERNET (do a search in the libary catalog using, for instance, the keywords "programming" and "C++". You may consult any of them.
Other C++ reference books are available in the CS Department labs McConnell 104 and 209. (not to be taken out of the labs!!).

McC 104
McC 209