CS 112b
Spring 2004
Ileana Streinu

Lecture 1


  1. Administrative: novell and Unix class accounts, class overview and class home page.
  2. Quick overview of topics:
  3. From C to C++, part 1: basic I/O.
  4. Mini Lab 1, getting started with C++ and basic I/O.
  5. Assignment: to review from CS111: basic statements (if, for, while), functions and arrays.
  6. Overview of homework 1.

Platforms, software

Lab 1: Getting started in C++

  1. Programming Languages: example of Pascal, C, C++, Java application and Java applet.
  2. Recap: Unix and DOS commands (directories, permissions; mkdir, cd, ls, chmod)
  3. How to compile a C++ program. How to save a copy of part of a computer Unix session using script .
  4. Getting started with the Unix X-system and C++: Lab 1.
  5. Make sure that by the end of the lab you did the following:

Ileana Streinu