CS 112
Final Project
Due: Friday, April 30 by midnight.

The final project asks for the implementation in C++ of a comprehesive set of tree classes (plain binary tree, binary search tree and general - unrestricted - tree).

Each of you will have to do an informal "presentation" to me in class on Th April 29: describe the interface you have designed, as well as the testing procedure and data files. The full project is due the following day, so I can still give you feedback and help with last minute debugging.

The program builds on Homework 10 by reusing (and perhaps enhancing) the following features:


Remember that among the skills I am testing you on with the final project are your improved software engineering abilities, including the development and testing of software, code reuse, documentation and readability for easy maintenance.

Any extra feature that you successfully implement (even if not explicitly asked for, such as extra templated, tested classes) will count as extra credit and will add points to your grade on the project.

To submit:

Ileana Streinu