CS 112
Hw 9

Due Wednesday April 17, by midnight

Before starting working on this homework, and for practicind the ideas discussed in class on Thursday, look at an old exam. Do problems 3, 5 and 6 from the exam. Be ready to ask me questions on Tuesday. This will help you understand the material and the assignment.

Part I. Implementing a complete List Class

Part II. A new Stack class implemented with linked lists

Part III: List implementation of a Queue

Implement a Queue abstract data type using a linked list (instead of an array).

To submit

Submit in Hw9I, Hw9II and Hw9III all the files that are necessary for compiling, executing and proving the correctness of your code: header and implementation files, testdriver, makefile and a typescript, plus a data file with your test data.
Ileana Streinu