CS 112
Homework 7
Due: part I due on Tuesday 3/30 in class, Part II on Wednesday 3/31/2004 by 12:00 a.m.

This homework has two parts, each contributing half of the grade for this assignment.

Part I: QT exercise

Part II: Queue class

Under Linux, develop a C++ program to implement and test a queue data structure (for integers).
The Queue data structure has the basic queue operations In and Out, Full and Empty, plus a function Print for testing and has to be implemented as a C++ class. The queue implementation is circular, and the allocated size is EXACTLY 3 (to allow for easy testing). IN and OUT should print error messages when the queue is full (resp. empty). The testdriver should be menu-based, with one option for each of the five operations (IN, OUT, EMPTY,FULL and PRINT).
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Grading guidelines (for the TA)

Ileana Streinu