CS 112b
Spring 2004
Ileana Streinu

Homework 4

Thursday Feb. 19, 2001
Due Wednesday 02/25/2004 by midnight


This homework is mostly technical. Its goal is to make sure that you know how to handle the techical details of developing programs using templated functions and basic classes. Parts I and II can (and should be) done before the Tuesday class, possibly with some help from the TAs on the technical aspects regarding the new style of compilation using makefiles. Should technical problems arise with Part II, you'll get extra help from me in the lab on Tuesday. Part III is a little more sophisticated than Part II, but not much. I will give you extra hints on it on Tuesday in class, should there be a need.

To avoid conflicts (at least in the usage of the makefile) you must develop each program in a separate directory, and submit them in separate directories.

Part I

Develop a full program for Insertion Sort, using the model developed in class today.

Part II

Getting started with classes and object-oriented programming in C++.

Part III

Submit as follows:

Grading guidelines

Ileana Streinu