CS 112
Java on SGI at Smith


For CS112 students:


From any computer except the workstations in McConnell

  1. Telnet from any computer to hermite.csc.smith.edu.
  2. Type "emacs filename.java" to write your code.
  3. Type "javac filename.java" to compile your code. The result is in class file(s).
  4. Use emacs again to create an html file.
  5. Put the java file, the class file, and the HTML file in your public_html directory by typing "mv filename public_html/filename".
  6. Change the permissions with "chmod a+r filename".
  7. View the applet with Netscape.
  8. If you are moving your files into a separate directory in public_html, make sure that that directory has the appropriate read-execute permissions by typing "chmod a+rx directoryname".

    From a workstation

  1. Log on to a workstation with your class account.
  2. In the local window, type "xhosts + hermite."
  3. Telnet to hermite.
  4. To call the Java developing program type "iconcatalog&."
  5. A window with icons should appear. Go to the far right tab and click the mouse, a menu should appear.
  6. Choose Web Tools from the menu.
  7. Scroll down the Web Tools window until you find the Cosmo Code icon. Click on this icon.
  8. A new window appears. From the widow, go to Project/New.
  9. A new window should appear. Give your project a name and choos to edit now. Leave all other options as they are.
  10. After returning to the Cosmo Code window, double click on the icon with the java extension and edit your code.
  11. Save your code under File/Save.
  12. To compile, click on the toolbar icon that has a picture of a hammer. This icon refers to the "build" command.
  13. To view your applet go to Project/Preview.
  14. To view your applet on Netscape move your files to public_html and run Netscape as usual.