CS 112
Java FAQ's

The compiler gives me a warning about "deprecation"... What should I do with it?

Ignore it!

The compiler gives me an error message about the file name...

Remember, the name of your source file must be the same as the name of the class contained in that source file! For example, if your program starts with:

public class myApplet extends Applet

then it has to be contained in a file named myApplet.java.

How do I see the html page where I put my applet?

If your file is in


and your class account is 112b/ax, then in Netscape open the page with the URL:


Careful: the public_html directory is NOT listed in this URL!! It is implicitly assumed that all html pages reside in a directory with this name.

Extra References

  1. HTML reference guides.
  2. How to compile your programs.