UNIX and DOS Reference Page

Function UNIX Command DOS Command
List all files in current directory ls dir
Create a subdirectory mkdir mkdir
Copy file cp "filename" "newfilename" copy "filename" "newfilename"
Copy file to subdirectory cp "filename" "dirname" copy "drive\dir: filename" "driveNEWdir: filename"
Delete a file rm "filename" del "filename"
Rename a file mv "oldfilename" "newfilename" rename "filename" "newfilename"
Move to a subdirectory cd "dirname" cd "dirname"
Back to home directory cd cd using the home directory path
Make a file public chmod go+r "filename" n/a
Change password passwd n/a
Kill a program CTRL-c n/a
Gives the date date n/a
Gives your account name whoami n/a
Exit UNIX/DOS logout exit