CS 112b
Spring 2005
Ileana Streinu

Homework 2

Thursday 3 February, 2005
Part I due Monday 8/2/2005 by midnight. Part II due Wednesday 10/2/2005 by midnight


This homework has two parts. Part I asks you to finish all the small exercises started in class on Thursday, and consists mainly in understanding and modifying pre-existing code. Part II asks you to create a Java applet from scratch.

Part I

From All Exercises, you must have done all exercises from 08-16. The same requirements apply as in Hwk 1, regarding:

Part II

This part combines ideas from all the exercises you did so far in the labs. You must develop your code by adding the features in the order indicated below: do not attempt to do everything at once. Incorporate new features only after the previous ones are functional.

Create a Java applet to draw an interactive Postcard. Use the Pumpkin as a basic model. You may do: a snow man, a valentine card, a card from Smith College, a birthday card - anything you want. The requirements are technical and must be fully obeyed, but the topic of your design is left to your imagination.

General Guidelines

You can discuss technicalities with your lab partner or the TA, but the design and programming should be entirely yours.

The grade for part 1 of the homework is based on the same general guidelines as in Hw 1. The grade for part 2 of the homework will be based on the following criteria:

Ileana Streinu