CS 112b
Spring 2005
Ileana Streinu

Homework 1

Thursday 27 January, 2005
Due Wednesday 2/2/2005 by midnight, sharp


This homework has two parts. Part I asks you to finish all the small exercises started in class on Thursday, and consists mainly in understanding and modifying pre-existing code. Part II asks you to create a Java applet from scratch.

Part I

From Lecture 2. Finish the assigned exercises: 1-7. They should be done in the directory Lab2.

Part II

Do this part in a directory called Hw1.

Create a Java applet using as many of the Java objects and features that you've encountered in doing the lab exercises in Part I: buttons, simple drawings, simple mouse clicks (on buttons only), colors, text, printing on the Java console, etc. In fact, I am not imposing any design constraint, just be as creative as you can be, using what you have learned so far, and no more than that.

Please do not waste your time looking on the web for cute programs using complicated and advanced ideas, because I will spot right away if you'd be using advanced features that we have not yet learned. I just want to see how creative you can be, using only what we have learned so far. I also expect this to tell me something about your other interests, be they more artistic or more technical, and help me design interesting future homeworks.

You can discuss with your lab partner, but the design should be entirely yours. Therefore I expect to see here substantially different designs. You may also run an idea by me (send me an email and give a brief description).

Here is an example of a very nice solution from a previous semester.

Grading guidelines

Ileana Streinu