CSC 112
Ileana Streinu

In class Lab Exercises: always do this

Work in teams of at most two students, using only one account.
Log onto your 112 account.

  1. Cd to Lab2 (or whatever number the current lab is) in your public_html directory.
  2. Create a directory Init (or whatever name the current exercise has) in Lab2. Change to this directory.
  3. Copy there the Init applet (Java code) and html page (where Init is to be replaced by the name of the current exercise).
  4. Modify the html code so that it shows your name and points to your 112-xx account, not Ileana's.
  5. Modify the applet (Java code) as described in the exercise.
  6. Modify the comments in the Java code so that is shows your name(s).
  7. Compile the applet.
  8. Verify that the permissions are right.
  9. View your applet.