Parking and local maps

  • Campus map
  • Campus map, with marked locations of the three buildings where events take place: Campus Center, Seelye Hall and McConnell Hall.
  • Campus map, with marked locations of the three possibilities for parking: the West Street parking garage (closest), Ainsworth Gym (the "Gym") and - if everything else fails - the farthest one, but almost guaranteed to have a spot for your car: the "Stables". Note: if the map doesn't show in the browser, try saving it and opening it afterwards.
  • Parking tips: on Friday morning, go directly to the parking garage on West Street. A student will be there between 8-9, distributing parking permits (after that, you can pick one up at the registration desk at the conference site, in the Campus Center). From the Parking Garage to the Campus Center, it's a 5 minute walk (see map above). If the Garage fills up, pick up the permit and try the Gym parking lot (a 10 minute walk to the Campus Center). If everything is full, you have no choice but to go to the Stables - which will add a 15 minute walk back to the campus center.
  • The same instructions apply if you arrive on Th for Branko Grunbaum's talk: there will be a student between 4:15-5 at the Parking Garage. After that hour, parking should become easy on campus, but you will still need a permit during the week.
  • Additional, metered parking is available on Green Street (the street adjacent to the campus and near the West Street Parking Garage) and on Elm Street (where the Campus Center is): approx. 25c for 1/2 hr or so.