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Information for Fall Workshop presenters:

If you are presenting a poster:

We are quite flexible with the posters, so use your imagination to make your presentation as attractive as possible! You can prepare it in regular poster format, or as separate pages that may be tacked one near each another to form a poster. You may also bring any additional materials, such as PowerPoint presentations or demos [on your laptop, on-line demos or pre-loaded to one of our computers]. There is an adjacent computer room which can be used for this purpose by a limited number of presenters.

If you are giving a talk:

Standard presentation equipment will be available in the lecture room: data projector (to be hooked to your laptop), a computer for those who just want to bring in the presentation and not the laptop, regular overhead projector and a whiteboard.
Please notify the organizer if you have any additional or special needs.

General Information

The Call for Papers is here.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together, in an informal setting conducive to stimulate collaboration, researchers from academia and industry, as well as students working in Computational Geometry and Geometric Applications. The goal is to learn from each other of recent progress on problems of common interest, leaving sufficient time for discussions and posing of new problems emerging from on-going research.

Topics of interest span all algorithmic aspects of geometrical problems, either classical or emerging from applied computational areas, including but not limited to:

    • Geometric algorithms
    • Geometric data structures
    • Combinatorial geometry
    • Applications of geometric algorithms
    • Modeling new problems with geometry
    • More detailed topics ...

The workshop will extend over two days (Friday-Saturday), with several breaks scheduled for discussions and an Open Problems session. On Sunday, we will host a special Rigidity Theory Day, to which workshop participants are also invited.