List of Accepted Papers

(in random order somewhat related to the order in which they were submitted)

Maria-Cecilia Rivara. Delaunay terminal edge algorithm
Andrey Chernikov and Nikos Chrisochoides. Parallel Graded Generalized Delaunay Mesh Refinement
Piyush Kumar and Amit Mhatre. Surface Reconstruction and normal estimation using projective clustering
Xianjin Zhu, Rik Sarkar and Jie Gao. Shape Segmentation and Applications in Sensor Networks
Yuanxin Liu and Jack Snoeyink. Bivariate B-Splines reproduce the Zwart-Powell elements
Gluchshenko Olga and Hamacher Horst W.. Optimal Algorithms for Computing of "Minimum Width Annulus"  with Rectilinear and Chebyshev distances and in Undirected Networks
Lance Miller, Thomas Peters and Alexander Russell. Optimal Covers for Computational Topology on Parametric Curves
Rephael Wenger and Tamal Dey. Stability of Critical Points with Interval Peristence: Extended Abstract
Yuanxin Liu and Jack Snoeyink. From Centroid Triangulations to Bivariate B-splines
Michael Albertson and Debra Boutin. Automorphisms and Distinguishing Numbers of Geometric Cliques
Jonathan Backer and David Kirkpatrick. Bounded-Curvature Paths in Narrow Simply Connected Polygons
W Randolph Franklin and Eric N. Landis. Connected Components on 1000x1000x1000 Datasets
Ovidiu Daescu and Jun Luo. Computing simple paths on points in simple polygons
Valentin Polishchuk and Joseph Mitchell. Minimum-Perimeter Enclosing k-gon
Eli Packer. Controlled Perturbation of Arrangements of Line Segments in 2D
Minya Dai and Nina Amenta. Approximate Nearest-Neighbors Using TCQ-Trees
Alexander Kroller, Sandor P. Fekete, Carsten Buschmann and Stefan Fischer. Geometric Distance Estimation for Sensor Networks and Unit Disk Graphs
Martin Furer and Shiva Kasiviswanathan. Spanners for Geometric Intersection Graphs
Dan Chen, Yi-Jen Chiang, Nasir Memon and Xiaolin Wu. Lossless Geometry Compression for Steady-State and Time-Varying Tetrahedral Meshes
Piyush Kumar and Alper Yildirim. Computing Minimum Volume Enclosing Axis-Aligned Ellipsoids
Steven Bitner and Ovidiu Daescu. Farthest Segment Spanned by points in space
Lev Reyzin. Two Player Tetris is PSPACE Hard
Metin Inanc and W Randolph Franklin. Terrain Representation Using Tessellation of Irregular Planar Tiles
Perouz Taslakian and Godfried Toussaint. Geometric Properties of Musical Rhythms
Hale Erten and Alper Ungor. On Computing Meshes with Large Smallest Angles
Sherif Ghali. Boolean Operations in Practice
Pedro J. de Rezende. Computing Convex Hulls on Beckenbach and Drandell Geometries
Esther Arkin, Alon Efrat, Cesim Erten, Ferran Hurtado, Joseph Mitchell, Valentin Polishchuk and Carola Wenk. Shortest Tour of a Sequence of Disjoint Segments in L_1
Xin Dou and Xiaodong Wu. Optimal Linear Time Algorithm for Intensity Map Splitting with Feathering in Radiation Therapy
Daniel Tracy, W Randolph Franklin and Franklin Luk. Multiple Observer Siting on a Compressed Terrain
Amitabh Basu, Joseph Mitchell and Girishkumar Sabhnani. Geometric Algorithms for Optimal Airspace Design and Air Traffic Controller Workload Balancing
Umut Acar and Benoit Hudson. Optimal-time dynamic mesh refinement: preliminary results
Adrian Dumitrescu and Csaba Toth. Extremal problems on triangle areas in the plane and in three-space
Andrea Mantler and Jack Snoeyink. Observations on Transmission Cores in GPb
Jonathan Lenchner. Minimum Outer Layer and Zone Complexity
Jonathan Lenchner. A Faster Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Facility Location
Subramanian Ramamoorthy, Benjamin Kuipers and Lothar Wenzel. Parametrization and computations in shape spaces with area and boundary invariants.
William Steiger and Jihui Zhao. Remarks on the Voronoi Game
Michael Hoffmann and Bettina Speckmann. Transforming Simple Paths