CSC 370

CSC 370: Computer Vision


Listed below are candidate topics for the course on computer vision and image analysis, together with sample papers on each topic. The course will cover most of these topics in one form or another, although the specific list of papers to read will probably change.

Image and Video Storage; Camera Models; Color Theory
C. Poynton. Color Space FAQ. (
Image Convolution, Filters, & Smoothing
H. Knutsson and C.-F. Westin. Normalized and differential convolution. Proc. IEEE Conf. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. pp. 515-523, 1993.
Background Subtraction & Morphological Operations
B. T. Mitchell and A. M. Gillies. A model-based computer vision system for recognizing handwritten ZIP codes. Machine Vision and Applications, 2(4):231-243, 1989.
Edge Detection
D. Marr and E. C. Hildreth. Theory of Edge Detection. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B, 207:187-217, 1980. J. F. Canny. A computational approach to edge detection. IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 8(6):679-698, November 1986.
Texture Analysis & Synthesis
A. Ravishankar Rao. Taxonomy for Texture Description and Identification. Springer-Verlag, 1990. M. Tuceryan and A. K. Jain. Texture Analysis. In C. H. Chen, L. F. Pau, and P. S. P. Wang, editors, Handbook of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision, pp. 235-276. World Scientific Publishing Company, 1993.
Optical Flow
H.-H. Nagel. On the estimation of optical flow: Relations between different approaches and some new results. Artificial Intelligence, 33:299-324, 1987.
Stereo Vision
S. T. Barnard and M. A. Fischler. Computational Stereo. ACM Computing Surveys, 14(4):553-572, December 1982. Y. Boykov, O. Veksler, and R. Zabih. A Variable Window Approach to Early Vision. IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. 20(12):1283-1294, December 1998.
Structure from Motion
J. Weng, T. S. Huang, and N. Ahuja. Motion and structure from line correspondences: Closed-form solution, uniqueness, and optimization. IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. 14(3):318-336, March 1992.
Segmentation: Clustering & Model-Based
J. R. Beveridge, J. Griffith, R. R. Kohler, A. R. Hanson, and E. M. Riseman. Segmenting images using localized histograms and region merging. International Journal of Computer Vision, 2(3):311-347, 1989. R. A. Brooks. Model-based three-dimensional interpretations of two-dimensional images. IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. 5(2):140-149, February 1983.
D.P. Huttenlocher, G.A. Klanderman and W.J. Rucklidge. Comparing Images Using the Hausdorff Distance, IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. 15(9):850-863, 1993.
Object Recognition
R. T. Chin and C. R. Dyer. Model-based recognition in robot vision. ACM Computing Surveys, 18(1):67-108, March 1986.
Image Comparison, Classification & Retrieval
J. Huang, S. Ravi Kumar, M. Mitra, W. J. Zhu, and R. Zabih. Image indexing using color correlograms. Proc. IEEE Conf. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. pp. 762-768, 1993
Medical Imaging
K. Preston Jr., M. J. B. Duff, S. Levialdi, P. E. Norgren, and J.-I. Toriwaki. Basics of cellular logic with some applications in medical image processing. Proc. IEEE. 67(5):826-856, May 1979.