CSC 262

Weekly Topics


Topics for dates in the future should be taken as tentative and subject to change. Links will generally be posted only as needed.

1Introduction & Course Overview(0.1--0.3)
2OS History2.1--2.8
3Computer Hardware1.1--1.7
4I/O Basics & Disk Optimizations11.1--11.7
5I/O Software & Drivers11.8--11.10
6Introduction to File Systems12.1--12.4
7File Systems Implementation12.5--12.9
8Security & Protection16.1--16.7
Exam in class.
9Processes & Interrupts3.1--3.6
10Process Scheduling9.1--9.4
11Bounded Buffers & Critical Sections5.1
12Mutual Exclusion & Semaphores5.2
13Using Semaphores5.3
14Other IPC5.4--5.5
15Synchronization Protocols5.6--5.7
Exam in class.
17Introduction to Memory Management7.1--7.2
18Virtual Memory I7.3--7.4
19Virtual Memory II7.5
20Virtual Memory III8.1--8.2
21Memory Policies8.3
22Linux Memory8.4
23Pentium & Windows Memory Management8.5--8.6
Self-scheduled final exam.

If time permits at the end of the course we may consider additional topics.