CSC 105



Suggested reading serves as a suggested minimum requirement to supplement the topics covered in lecture. Students are actively encouraged to read additional material in the texts and on the web as necessary to develop their project web sites. For example, the specific topic chapters in DHTML & CSS should be read as necessary for completion of the projects. The topics to be covered are approximate.

At minimum, students should complete either the suggested reading in DHTML and JS, or the material in Murach.

Week Of Topics Assignments Reading
19 March Design Considerations
Style Sheets
Page Formatting
Project 1 design proposal due 10:30 AM on Thursday, 22 March Robbins ch. 3 & 11; review ch. 12-13
Robbins ch. 15-16
26 March Document Object Model
Dynamic HTML
Project 1 draft presentation due 10:30 AM Tuesday, 3 April Robbins ch. 20 (DOM section)
Robbins ch. 19 (first half)
2 April Javascript Fundamentals
Events & Functions
Project 1 final draft due 11:59 PM Friday, 6 April Robbins ch. 19 (second half)
9 April Begin Forms & Form Processing Project 2 design proposal due 10:30 AM Thursday 12 April Robbins ch. 9
16 April Interactive Forms
& Form Processing
  Robbins ch. 9
23 April State Maintenance
Graphics with Canvas
Project 2 draft presentation due 10:30 AM Tuesday 26 April Robbins ch. 10
Robbins ch. 20 (remainder)
30 April Interface Modifications
Integrated Multimedia
Project 2 final due 11:59 PM Thursday, 3 May Robbins ch. 17

Note:  Lecture notes and lab assignment handouts may not be posted for all the classes. A handout or assignment available before the actual assignment date is only tentative and may be changed at any time by the professor. Handouts are not meant as a substitute for class attendence, but as guidelines for the topics covered in class.