CSC 105

Web Site Topic Ideas


Below are a set of ideas for possible web site topics. Note that most topics are more appropriate for some assignments than others. Try to pick a topic you can justify a real need for; this usually produces better results than a "toy" site that has no natural audience.

Personal Site
Information about yourself, your interests, etc.
Hobby Information Site
A source of information for enthusiasts on some topic.
Organization Site
Information about some real or imaginary group.
Course Site
For CSC 105 or some other course you've taken.
Corporate Site
For an imaginary company. Sales, PR, etc.
Political Site
Campaign information for an imaginary candidate.
Family Site
Geneology, family stories, etc.
Transportation Site
Imaginary schedules and route information for bus, ferry, etc.
Game Site
Incorporate a game into your site: Treasure hunt, choose your own adventure, etc.