Handbook of Discrete and Computational Geometry

Errata (First Printing)

Pxii, Chapter 46 title should be:
	46 Design and manufacturing

P25, last para. of Section 2.1 should read:

Schmitt [Sch88] constructed a star-shaped prototile for a monohedral
tiling in $E^3$ such that no tiling with its replicas is periodic. It is
not known whether a convex body with this property exists, however, with a
slight modification of Schmitt's construction, Conway produced a convex
prototile which admits only non-periodic tilings if no mirror-image is
allowed (see Chapter 3). Another result of Schmitt [Sch91] is that there
are star-shaped sets in the plane whose densest packing cannot be realized
in a periodic arrangement.

P30, L+6 below Table 2.3.1:  
	EGH89,  -->  EGH89, Fej83,

P31, Table 2.3.2, middle entry (Few):  
	$\delta_L^2(B^3) = 8\pi\over 9\sqrt 3$
  	and  Few  -->  Few and Kanagasabapathy

P31, Table 2.3.2, last entry:  
	Few and Kanagasabapathy --> Few

P40, [HM] entry:  
	to appear -->  34:63--79, 1997

P97, Theorem 5.4.13:
	Every pseudoline in a simple arrangement borders at least -->
	Every pseudoline in a simple arrangement 
		          of $n > 3$ pseudolines borders at least

	Hence, if $p_4$ is the number of quadrilaterals and $p_5$ the
		number of pentagons in a simple arrangement of $n$ pseudolines, -->
	Hence, if $p_4$ is the number of quadrilaterals and $p_5$ the 
		number of pentagons,

P120, Table 4.7, f5 Edges:  should be:
	(e2, e7, e6)  
	[not "(e2, e6, e6)"]

	it can also be obtained as the orthogonal projection 
	of an intersection polytope [AS92].
	                                ^ Change "AS95" to "AS92"

P387, REFERENCES, L+4, replace reference with journal version:
	[AS92] F.~Aurenhammer and O.~Schwarzkopf.
	A simple randomized incremental algorithm for computing 
	higher order {V}oronoi diagrams.
	{\em Internat. J. Comput. Geom. Appl.}, 2:363--381, 1992.

	G. Barequet
	      Change "Barrequet" to "Barequet" (one `r').

	an algorithm is epsilon-stable if there is a consistent structure...
	                                 insert "if"
PP735-753 (odd pages):  Running head should be:
	Algorithmic motion planning
	           insert "ic"