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Problem 4: Union of Fat Objects in 3D

What is the complexity of the union of ``fat'' objects in $ \mathbb {R}$3?
Uncertain, pending investigation.
Open. Conjectured to be nearly quadratic.
Partial and Related Results
The Minkowski sum of polyhedra of n vertices with the (Euclidean) unit ball has complexity O(n2+ε) [AS99], as does the union of n congruent cubes [PSS01]. It is widely believed the same should hold true for fat objects, those with a bounded ratio of circumradius to inradius, as it does in $ \mathbb {R}$2 [ES00].
combinatorial geometry
Entry Revision History
J. O'Rourke, 1 Aug. 2001; 1 Jan. 2003 (B. Aronov comment).


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