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Problem 1: Minimum Weight Triangulation

Can a mininimum weight triangulation of a planar point set be found in polynomial time? The weight of a triangulation is its total edge length.
Perhaps E. L. Lloyd, 1977: [Llo77], cited in Garey and Johnson [GJ79].
Just solved by Wolfgang Mulzer and Günter Rote, January 2006! Entry to be updated later...

This problem is one of the few from Garey and Johnson [GJ79, p. 288] whose complexity status remains unknown.

Partial and Related Results
The best approximation algorithms achieve a (large) constant times the optimal length [LK96]; good heuristics are known [DMM95]. If Steiner points are allowed, again constant-factor approximations are known [Epp94,CL98], but it is open to decide even if a minimum-weight Steiner triangulation exists (the minimum might be approached only in the limit).
Entry Revision History
J. O'Rourke, 31 Jul. 2001; J. O'Rourke, 3 Jan. 2006.


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