11 April 2014

Call for Online Learning Proposals: Deadline 5 May 2014


The Online Learning Task Force is inviting proposals for summer and fall of 2014 to enhance existing courses, or create new courses, that include significant use of online-learning components to improve pedagogy. Our first call for proposals may be found here: http://cs.smith.edu/~orourke/OLTaskForce/CallProposals.html.

This winter call resulted in 28 submitted proposals, 12 of which were funded for work this spring of 2014. A thumbnail description of these 12 projects may be found at the Task Force's Moodle site, http://moodle.smith.edu/course/view.php?id=5138.


As with our previous call, we hope to elicit a collection of innovative experiments in employing technology to incorporate online learning into our teaching, ranging from adding blended learning components to existing courses for our on-campus students, to creating new courses or other online vehicles reaching external constituencies, from prospective students to alumnae. See the above links for more detail on the range of possibilities.


The deadline for proposal submissions is Monday, 5 May 2014, but the Task Force will review submissions on a rolling basis up to that date. The call will be renewed in early fall 2014 as well.


Those who received funding this spring but would like to continue their work should resubmit with an update on their progress and an estimate of further budget required. Proposals for summer 2014 projects can be supported with a stipend of up to $5,000 per faculty member, or student summer stipends. Project teams are encouraged to include one or more students, who would be supported at standard summer or in-semester wage rates. Staff may be eligible to receive stipends, following established college policies. Ambitious projects may request support beyond these stipends.

Proposals can be submitted via email to Joseph O'Rourke, chair of the Task Force (jorourke@smith.edu). Proposals are free-form, but the more focused and detailed the better. A clear outline of the goals of the project and the proposed team composition will assist us in evaluation. All proposals should include an estimated, suggested budget. Questions can be directed to any member of the Task Force (below). We look forward to hearing from you!



Joseph O'Rourke, Chair

Carrie Baker

Donald Baumer

Julia Collins

David Gregory

Nicholas Howe

Thomas Laughner

Kevin Shea

Helene Visentin