CSC354: Spring, 2007, Syllabus UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Tuesday and Thursday 3:00-4:50, Room: Bass 102

SimpleSynth for Mac

Lecture Date Reading Lecture Topics
1 30-Jan Roads Ch1

Frequency of notes of scale
time and frequency domain (William Robinson)
Overview, history, digital audio, listening, Csound example, Keykit example, Pure Data Example

Csound f statement
2 1-Feb
Hw1 assigned (due 2/6)
Roads:ix-xviii; Roads Ch1,Ch3,
toots tutorial
Also read Roads ch2 if you need to brush up on computer programming concepts.
Csound manual
Digital Audio

Sound Synthesis

Lab1 csound oscillation, amplitude envelopes, vibrato, etc.
Csound linen statement
Csound linseg statement
Csound GEN 10
3 6-Feb

finish toots and Lab1.
Focus on icon diagrams of synthesis
Roads:ix-xviii; Roads Ch1,Ch3,Ch4 pages 134-156
toots tutorial
Also read Roads ch2 if you need to brush up on computer programming concepts.
Assignment>Read these chapters by Thursday and come to class prepared with any questions you have on them.
Sampling and Additive Synthesis, Wavetable Synthesis and Filters
Listening to Hw1 exercises.
4 8-Feb class is 3-3:45

Hw2 assigned (due 2/13)
Roads: Ch5 pp. 159-167, (wavetable synthesis)
Roads: Ch17 785-802 (music languages)
Discuss reading assignments.
5 13-Feb
Roads: Ch5 pp. 159-167, (wavetable synthesis)
Roads: Ch17 785-802 (music languages)
Discuss reading assignments. Listening to Hw2,
Intro to Pure Data
Peter Frampton, Show Me the Way popularized phase vocoder (PV). Click on Audio, then Show Me the Way

6 15-Feb

Lab2 Pure Data (pd)

Right click and save lab2Judy.pd to see the soundfile write with delay for flushing.

Hw3 assigned (due 2/20)
Go to the helpful links page to download your own version of pd.
Supplemental pure data manual
Roads: ch 5 159-167
Roads: Ch17 785-802 (music languages)

More Pure Data

7 20-Feb More Pure Data pdf summary of pd objects including midi from NUI Maynooth Ireland
Pure Data Tutorial by Gary P. Scavone at McGill
8 22-Feb
Roads: Ch21 MIDI, etc. and supplemental

Hw4, due 1-Mar

Roads: ch 15 Performance Software includes some MIDI
Guest Lecture: Thomas Ciufo, visiting artist-in-residence, arts and technology at Smith.

Listening to Hw3
MIDI with tutorial,
midiNotes1.pd first pd example
midiNotes2.pd second pd example

9 27-Feb

 fun email

 Supplemental Handouts 

Guest Lecture: Xiaohua Sun, MIT Media Lab.
Digital, Art? Art, Digital?
11 1-Mar 0) Scales Tutorial
1) Intervals, scales, circles of fifths
2) Chords
3) Jazz Chords
4) Olivier Messiaen and the Art of Organ registration
5) Prime Melodies (and chords)
6) The creation of musical scales from a mathematic and acoustic point of view
7) Chord/Scale relationships

Supplemental Handouts 

Listening to Hw4
Mozart's Musikalisches W|rfelspiel (i.e. Mozart with Dice)

Lab4 in class

12 6-Mar
Hw5, due Mar 6.

Supplemental Handouts 
Chapter 19
Roads: Ch18
Roads: 857-865

Roads: 868--889 

Roads: 889-893
Composition Using Pentatonic Scales (Chua)
Automata and their application to composition,
History of Algorithmic Music,

13 8-Mar
hw6 assigned (due 3/15)
Supplemental Handouts pd project with lots of ideas History of Algorithmic Composition Systems,
Formal Grammars
Grammatical Models of Music
14 13-Mar   Cellular automata
Stochastic Processes and their application to composition

Fractals and Chaos
15 15-Mar,

Finite Automata
Chaos equation
Links: Introduction to Chaos Theory
Listening to hw6

pd examples:


Spring Break!
  22-Mar   Spring Break!
16 27-Mar

hw7 assigned
Supplemental Materials
Belkin article - A Practical Guide to Musical Composition

17 29-Mar Supplemental Materials hw8, due Apr 3


Patterns in Music - Simon and Sumner
18 3-Apr, Roads Ch 14: Musical Input Devices.
MIDIsense supplemental materials
Cybernetic Composer - Ames and Domino


19 5-Apr Supplemental Materials Resistor Color code

listening to hw8
20 10-Apr, Hw9 assigned (due 4/12)
final project
pd patches
Supplemental Materials midisense.pd

Pure Data - (PD)
21 12-Apr

hw10 assigned, due April 17 in class"
Discussion of final project
Supplemental Materials

Music Composition Ideas

Hw9 discussion on
  1. Interactive Music Systems, by Robert Rowe.
  2. The GEMS Series by Matthew Fields.
22 17-Apr midisenseClass.pd
Laetitia Sonami. Concert April24 at Smith
Supplemental Materials
EMI - Experiments in Musical Intelligence

EMI examples

Listening to Hw10
23 19-Apr
hw11 assigned, due April 24
Class ends at 3:55

End of smester timeline

Beethoven EMI example (mp3)
Chopin Mazurka EMI example (mp3)

Playing The Game from the book Virtual Music
Visiting students?
24 24-Apr
Class ends at 4:15
Thomas Charveria: Interactive Installation/Tintin

Dannenberg/CMU examples

Joe Paradiso, interactive surfaces/Media Lab

Eric Singer, gesture instruments

Todd Winkler Installations/Brown

Bill Alves computer music videos

Paper on Genetic Algorithms: Biles GenJam
Gary Lee Nelson, fractals, etc. Flavors Band - Fry
Accompaniment Systems: Raphael, Thom, Dannenberg

Listening to Hw11
25 26-Apr class is 3-4:15 Genjam paper discussion Student Presentations
26 1-May Music Fonts Wrapup, Listening, Latest BreakThroughs
  3-May   "student recital" with CS Dept invited. 12-1 in Bass 102