Smith College. CSC354 Homework3. Spring 2007.

Assigned Feb 15
Due Feb 20 in class.

Roads: Ch5 pp. 159-167, (wavetable synthesis) Roads: Ch17 785-802 (music languages)

Learning more about pd and making a 90 second composition.

  1. Very carefully continue going through the 2.control.examples/ numbers 06 through 16. in the pd Document Browser (Help->Browser) section of pd. Make sure to click just once to select an example. Also note that the abstraction examples refer to numbered control examples, but the numbering is off by one. For example the dollarsign.pd abstraction says it is used in example 12, but it is actually used in example 13. You'll see this when you get there.
  2. Make sure you understand each control structure before moving on to the next one.
  3. Next, read the examples numbers adrs.pd, and B01.wavetables.pd.

On to homework3.

  • Make a new pd file called hw3.pd. PUT an array object in hw3.pd by selecting "array" on the "new" menu. Choose the name arrayHarm, and choose 67 as the number of elements (64 is a power of 2, plus 3 to make 67). Choose Draw as polygon n the dialog box.
  • Now copy the top three subpatches from 2.control.examples, number - the creation, resize, and print size messages.
    Also place the message box that uses the sinesum to create a sine wave with harmonics. Change all the array names from array99 to arrayHarm.
  • Use the tabosc4~ object to oscillate the waveform stored in wavetable arrayHarm. Remember you can PUT an object named tabosc4~ and then right click on it to get help on how to use it.
    For now, it will be easier for you to create a dac~ object, and make a connection between the tabosc4~ object and the dac~, instead of going to the pd output object as shown in the tabosc4~ help example.
  • Use the control examples and wavetables that you generate to make a 90 second composition. Feel free to add more arrays with different harmonics, and counters, select objects and so on.
  • When you are happy with the results, use writesf~ as we did in lab3 to write out your 90 second composition to a file. You can decide whether you want to record the output with you changing things via the mouse, or if you want the control objects to do the whole thing.
    Come to class prepared to play your composition and also place it on your web site as:
    This is important. Please keep your web site up to date.