Smith College. CSC354 Homework2. Spring 2007.

Assigned Feb 8
Due Feb 13 in class.

Read ch 4, pp 134-156; ch 5 159-167


Using opcodes from toot05- through toot08, use Csound to create a 90 second composition. Try building up by increasing the volume (amplitude) over the course of the 90 seconds, and then decreasing to end it (i.e. try to shape it a little).
Document your .orc and .sco files.

If you want to use the aif file from toot8, you can download it here, by a using a right mouse-click on this link:

Come to class on Feb 13th prepared to describe what you did and play it for the class. Have some fun with it. Name the files
and place them on your web page, fixing up the links in the html file if you need to.