Smith College. CSC354 Homework1

Assigned Feb 1
Due Feb 6 in class.

1) Read Roads:

2) Using opcodes from toots1 through toots5, toots7, and toots8, use Csound to create a 60 second composition.
Document your .orc and .sco files. Come to class on Feb 6th prepared to describe what you did and play it for the class.

You might find the Csound manual to be useful.
Also, the toots tutorial is available. 3) Place your .orc, .sco, and .wav files on the Internet so you can demonstrate your homework.
Use the hwtemplate.html file as a template; place it in your public_html directory of your class account. (or you can use another account if you want to, and it is robust, and will last a while).

Important! After you copy the hwtemplate.html file into your public_html, execute the chmod command:
chmod a+r hwtemplate.html
Also, you will need to do this for every file you place in this directory. Test your web files out in a web browser completely to make sure they are accessible.