CSC354: Digital Sound and Music Processing Seminar
Spring 2007

Final Project - A Song, a report, a presentation

The Song
  • Use pd
  • Must have 3 or more sound parts:
    • Harmony parts e.g. soprano, alto, bass.
    • or "sound threads" - e.g. different instruments playing concurrently
    • percussive voice is considerd as a sound part
    • The instruments can be MIDI instruments or your own pd instruments.
  • It must be a hybrid of at least two algorithms.
  • It must contain some structural organization with at least two layers
  • It must be expressive, using volume dynamics/articulation, etc.
  • Length: 3 minutes
The Report
  • Describes algorithms used and method for song creation, including any inspiration
  • Includes bibliography
  • About 15 pages
The Presentation
  • In-class presentation
    • Synopsis of report
    • Listening to final song
  • CS Dept "Recital" May 3.
    • 1-2 minute presentation
    • Listening to final song
    • Lunch included