Homework 4, csc354, Spring 2007.
Due Thursday Mar 1.

Read Roads: Ch21 MIDI.

Download the two midi examples from the syllabus (on Feb 22) or from here: After reading chapter 21 and trying out the two examples, use some of the control structures from the examples in the pure data->help>browse section we have been looking at to make a 30-to-60 second composition. Post the pure data file to the web so we can download it in class and play it.

Here are the constraints:
  1. 30-to-60 seconds long.
  2. Have a part that plays more than one note in parallel by using more than one midi channel at a time (there are 16) and two or more makenote/noteout object pairs.
  3. Have a part that uses channel 10 and causes percussion.
  4. Try to have some fun with it.