CSC354: Digital Sound and Music Processing Seminar Spring 2007, 3:00-5:00, Tu/Th, Bass 102

Instructor - Judy A. Franklin
Textbook: The Computer Music Tutorial, by Curtis Roads, MIT Press, 1996

Focus: areas of sound/music manipulation that overlap with computer science disciplines.
  • Includes:
    • Sound synthesis
    • Machine grammars to model and generate music.
    • Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical methods for music composition
      • Markov Chains, probabilities
      • Fractals
      • Cellular automata
      • Driving graphics with sound
    • History of computer music and its evolution with computing hardware
  • Prerequisites: CSC 111, 112 and either 231 or 250.
    Knowledge of sound and music is *not* required.
  • All work is put on student web pages.
  • Cross-listed in Music Department, can be used for partial fulfillment of digital music minor.
Course Specifications:
  • There are no exams.
  • There are exercises and a final project.
    The final project is a composition program, a report, and a presentation.
  • final project
    pd patches
  • Students are responsible for all reading material. This will be reflected in a literature survey and other references in the final report, as well as in ongoing class discussions.
  • Grading:
    • Exercises: 35%
    • Class Presentations: 25%
    • Class Participation: 15%
    • Final Project: 25%
Course Syllabus
Homework Assignments
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Student Pages

  • csound
  • pure data (pd)