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Designing Intelligent Robots

Welcome to the Smith College SSEP 2017 Designing Intelligent Robots Home Page! We're spending two weeks creating the niftiest robots using the LEGO Mindstorms robotics hardware
and controlling them by programming the NXT Intelligent Brick.

The heart and mind of each robot is the RCX or the NXT or the EV3 (see pictures below); it can move and react to its environment by monitoring various sensor inputs.
A while ago we migrated from RCX to NXT hardware, and shortly after we migrated from ROBOLAB software to NXT software. Now we are using EV3 software
to control the NXT. Soon we will be migrating to the EV3 hardware, too, as it can accommodate four motor ports and lots of new sensors!

For information about the NXT and lots of cool robotics projects building instructions and downloadable programs, go to or .

Gears are vital to accomplishing any kind of task involving motion: check out the Gear Tutorial for some useful information on LEGO gears.

Eventually we'll be making amazing mechanical contraptions like those below! (Except we'll be using NXT hardare and Technics components.)
Dog Bot
Four-leg Walker
Truck Bot
Line Follower
Rubik Solver

Meet our outstanding teams of Robot Engineers :
Team #1: Kendra & Hazel
Team #1 Final Project: "Off to the Races"

Team #2: Angie & Anni
Team #2 Final Project: "Haunted Maze"

Team #3: Rachel & Emma
Team #3 Final Project: "Off to the Races"

Team #4: America & Skelly & Sam
Team #4 Final Project: "Catapubble"

Team #5: Crystal & Anna
Team #5 Final Project: "Catapubble"

Team #6: Igor & Minfei
Team #6 Final Project: "Claw Machine"

Team #7: Clara & Alexa
Team #7 "TicTacToe"

Team #8: Yhara & Ilana
Team #8 Final Project: "Haunted Maze"

Team #9: Jodi & Morgan
Team #10: Who are these guys?

Here are our Fearless Leaders:
Charlotte: "The devil made me do it"
Doreen's gears are slipping
Jody: "I'm such an angel"

Check out our Class Picture!

Also check out these cool Student Home Pages below. As well as our Fearless Interns' Pages:
Emma @ 100e-aa Igor @ 100e-ab Ilana @ 100e-ac Anni @ 100e-ad
Alexa @ 100e-ae Rachel @ 100e-af Angie @ 100e-ag Yhara @ 100e-ah
Anna @ 100e-ai America @ 100e-aj Minfei @ 100e-ak Sam @ 100e-al
Kendra @ 100e-am Clara @ 100e-an Crystal @ 100e-ao Hazel @ 100e-ap
Jody @ 100e-t1
Charlotte @ 100e-t2

This way to a day by day blow of more Pictures of SSEP Intelligent Robots in action!
@ Day 2 @ Day 5 @ Day 8
@ Day 3 @ Day 6 @ Day 9
@ Day 4 @ Day 7 @ Day 10

And then check out the students Final Presentations of their self-designed and executed Robot Projects:
Final Presentations!

Definitely visit the Physics home page -- physicists are a cool bunch!

And this way to the Engineering home page where you can see cool pictures like this:
Smith engineering students serve as human subjects for a "zero-g" flight 
test held at NASA.  
A senior engineering student rides the go-cart she constructed for an 
independent project. 

"The scientist seeks to understand what is; the engineer seeks to create what never was."
-- attributed to Theodore von Karman of Galloping Gertie fame

Learn more about engineer von Karman and view the Galloping Gertie Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse video!

Finally, for more information on SSEP, the Sciences at Smith College, and Smith College itself: