Smith College Summer Science and Engineering Program 2014

Hazel's SSEP Designing Intelligent Robots Home Page

This way to the Engineering home page where you can see cool pictures like this:

Smith engineering students serve as human subjects for a "zero-g" flight test held at NASA.

A senior engineering student rides the go-cart she constructed as an independent project.

One team of the students from SSEP with their robots.

See the president who Mr.D, Hazel's best friend, likes the most President Theodore Roosevelt download

And learn the importance of environment protection by viewing this download and ask Mr.D for more info click here to go to the LEGO Mindstorms page

if you have any questions click ilovemr.D to ask mr.D

here's the recipe for Mr.D
  1. one and half cup of flour
  2. two hundred eggs
  3. one-half teaspoon of baking soda
  4. two cup of diet cock
  5. three tons of table salt
  6. one teaspoon of vanilla extract
  7. one tea spoon of melted butter

Fun Facts about Mr.D

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