Summer Science and Engineering Program 2017

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This is our group photo!

This are the photos of our two teaching assistants.

On the First day, we built the lego bricks into a cute robot.

Then we test the four sensors of the robot, including the touch, sound, light and ultralight sensor.

1. The touch sensor.

2. The sound sensor.

The sound senosr: a little note concerning sound~

Sensing is all about measuring physical quantities often termed signals (e.g., reflected acoustic energy in the case of sonar) and interpreting these measurements in order to draw conclusions about other physical quantities (e.g., the distance to nearby physical objects that might constitute obstacles to a mobile robot). Any signal that obscures the signal you want to observe is referred to as noise.

3. The ultrasonic sensor.

An Ultrasonic sensor is a device that can measure the distance to an object by using sound waves. It measures distance by sending out a sound wave at a specific frequency and listening for that sound wave to bounce back.

Notes:The fundamental difference between the sensors is that IR sensors are detecting electromagnetic radiation while ultra sound sensors are detecting mechanical or acoustical energy.

4. The light sensor.

Smith engineering students serve as human subjects for a "zero-g" flight test held at NASA.

A senior engineering student rides the go-cart she constructed as an independent project.