Computer Science
Course Schedule 2021 Spring
CSC Course Instructor Time Location Focus
Thy Prg Sys
102 How the Internet Works Staff2     (Not available) 
103 How Computers Work Staff2     (Not available) 
111 Intro Computer Science through Programming Alicia Grubb    (Not available) 
151 Programming Languages Staff2     (Not available) 
205 Modeling in the Sciences (CSC/MTH) Ileana Streinu    (Not available) 
212 Programming with Data Structures Staff2     (Not available) 
235 Visual Analytics Jordan Crouser    (Not available) 
240 Computer Graphics Nicholas Howe    (Not available) 
250 Theoretical Foundations Computer Science Jordan Crouser    (Not available) 
253 Applied Algorithms Ileana Streinu    (Not available) 
262 Operating Systems Staff2     (Not available) 
266 Compiler Design Staff2     (Not available) 
294 Computational Machine Learning Katie Kinnaird    (Not available) 
390 Seminar in Artificial Intelligence Jamie Macbeth    (Not available) 
3xx Seminar (To Be Determined) Staff2   TBD  (Not available) 
SDS293 Machine Learning Staff2     (Not available)